VIDEO: Worrying! Orca lashes aggressively against glass, has been in captivity for more than 40 years

Canada. Before the worried gaze of the visitors to the park, a killer whale starred in a sad scene after impacting violently and on several occasions against the glass where it lives in captivity, everything was saved on video attracting the gaze of thousands of people interested in well-being of the animal.

It is no secret that the practice of keeping animals on display has been highly criticized in recent years due to its nature in the wild and the diseases that they can be victims of while living in the confinement.

Kiska, is an orca that lives in the Marineland Niagara Falls park, in Ontario, Canada, although it previously lived for three years in the wild in the ocean until it was captured in Iceland in October 1979, where it began its life in captivity at Hafnarfjordur Aquarium until it was bought in 1982, according to information from the orka.tank portal, which specializes in captive killer whales.

The aggressiveness of his actions in the video attracted the gaze of some animal experts who have interpreted the movements as “stress from confinement”, it should be remembered that Kiska is the only orca in captivity in all of Ontario.

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As a result of the images, animal protection groups created the #FreeKiska campaign in which they seek to take the orca to a more suitable place so that it can regain its abilities and return to nature, currently it has more than 72 thousand signatures.


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