VIDEO: Without fear of anything! Woman removes wisdom teeth and shares it on social networks

Sonora.- The woman’s name is Ana Victoria and a few days ago she showed that she was not afraid of anything by taking off her wisdom teeth While recording a video, then he shared it on social networks and left everyone with their mouths open.

It could be very scary for many to go to the dentist either because of the sound of the appliances, the anesthesia or just because they are going to touch their teeth, but the young woman was an example of courage after having her molars removed, demonstrating everything she learned in school and why is it a dentist integral and child.

In the video that she shared through her social media account, the young dentist can be seen applying anesthesia with a syringe with the help of a simple mirror, then she takes some tweezers and extracts the tooth, and then repeats the last two actions and finally show the two molars that were extracted without fear of the complications that this could have.

With the caption “The highlight of my week was extracting my third molars alone” in the description of the video, the young woman posted the video that soon went viral and left more than one astonished who wondered in the responses to her tweet how he had managed to do that with certain tools.

Ana Victoria explained that she extracted it using “222 because it was the only forcep with which she could see better and grasp the molar well,” she also explained that there is not always excessive bleeding during these types of operations, mainly because the extraction was not traumatic. .

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“Hey, you don’t put yourself at risk, and apart from the fact that if you do this your license may be withdrawn or something like that, correct me if I’m wrong”, “Top 3 people the devil is afraid of”, “This one dies when was born, the devil began to pray ”, among others were the comments that could be seen in his video.

However, once the video was published, Ana Victoria made an invitation to her followers to schedule an appointment with her: “Plebes ask me for an appointment or something,” he said.


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