Video. This is how the environment is lived in the Government Palace of Sinaloa prior to the Cry of Independence

Sinaloa.- With more security elements than the general public is the esplanade of the Government Palace of Sinaloa, prior to the ceremony to celebrate the 211th anniversary of the Mexico’s independence.

In a few hours, the governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz Coppel He will be performing the traditional Cry of Independence, accompanied by his wife Rosy Fuentes de Ordaz and other officials.

It is worth mentioning that the chairs installed on the esplanade are still empty until the security elements receive instructions to let the public enter.

According to the program, at 10 p.m. an opera music show is scheduled, prior to the ceremony that the state president will lead.

This is how the environment is lived in Sinaloa prior to the Cry of Independence | Photo: Ricardo Nevárez / Debate

The area is protected by elements of the Municipal Police, State Police, Civil Protection and the National Guard.

There are also some ambulances from the Mexican Red Cross and Culiacán Firefighters, who are on the lookout in case someone needs help.

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Another thing that we could observe is that this time there are no food stands around the Government Palace, due to the security protocols that have been implemented. So the traditional eloteros are conspicuous by their absence.


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