VIDEO. The viral challenge of the broom Impossible to perform for men?

The viral challenges on the platform TikTok It is one of the most common forms of entertainment on the Chinese social network.

In recent days, a new “chalenge” has become popular, consisting of climb over a broomstick while holding with both hands very close to touching the ground.

Thousands of users have put it into practice and, according to testimonials, no man has been able to perform it correctly.

A video doing this viral challenge starring users Trevor and Kayla reached hundreds of thousands of views.

In it we can observe the facility of the wife Kayla to avoid the broomstick and place her two feet in front of it.

Trevor, on the other hand, struggles to overcome the challenge and decides Leave the idea.

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Like this one, dozens of videos appeared with the same result: no man was able to correctly perform “the challenge of the broom”.

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