Video: The image of the Virgin of Fatima that cries blood and oil in Zapopan, Jalisco

Guadalajara Jalisco. – The video circulates on social media supposed miracleal engrave what appears to be the image of the Virgin of Fatima with tears of bloodIn addition, parishioners also claim to have seen her cry in their presence, this in a parish in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, Jalisco.

The image that is located until this Friday in the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the Constitución neighborhood of Zapopan, she has aroused the curiosity and faith of Catholics who have seen her shed tears of blood.

Julio Cësar Zepeda Díaz would be the owner of the image of the image that represents the invocation of the history of the apparition of the mother of the founder of the Christian church in Fátima, Portugal.

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It should be noted that since 2015, Julio shared the story about the image of the virgin crying oil and blood, since then the man from Zapopan, share part of the oil you spill free of charge the picture.

Zepeda Díaz is the one who uploaded the video in silence where the image can be seen with red spots at the height of the cheeks, without being seen to sprout as such, however, for the people who follow who identifies himself as a musician and close to the catholic church, is proof enough of faith.

People from other countries and states of Mexico arrive with the young man who, in addition, is dedicated to carrying out charitable works in favor of vulnerable groups or people with some health problems, requesting help in kind rather than financial.

Before the media, seven years ago, he commented that his life changed after his brother died and he had to face alcoholism, however, thanks to his family he managed to live a spiritual retreat within the Catholic Church.

It was thus that he began within the group of Charismatic Renewala current of the religion that professes characterized by expressing a more open, uninhibited behavior and demonstrating their faith through dances, sounds and songs.

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In the case of the image, it is known that he allows it to visit churches or places where they ask for it, it is in the place for a while and then either his mother or he picks up the image and then returns it to his home.

it was the past May 11 who uploaded the last video that we shared with you on their social networks, mentioning that it is common for it to happen at the beginning of the holidays, which is this Friday, May 13.

Cry blood image of the Virgin of Fatima in Zapopan, Jalisco

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