VIDEO. Sex reveal goes wrong and woman ends up covered in color powder

Brazil.-Sex reveal parties have become a very common practice for parents in different parts of the world. Since through this ceremony they seek to welcome with joy that new member who will come to the family.

For this type of party there are endless ceremonies, from colored smoke torches, mystery boxes, piƱatas or sports balls that, when hit, release the color in blue or pink powder.

Although in many cases this sex reveal ritual occurs without incident, on other occasions funny events often occur. Such is the case of a family who decided to carry out this ceremony without thinking that one of the guests would be covered in colored powder.

It was through a viral video in which this unusual situation was shown and although it is not known where it was recorded, it is to recognize the joy of the parents and a little girl who is also looking forward to her new little sister.

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In the video you can see how the man kicks the ball that is thrown by his daughter, almost immediately after the pink explosion the family runs to hug, ignoring that one of the guests had been covered in color.

Sex reveal goes wrong and woman ends up covered in color powder

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