Video: Pitbull who is deaf and with one eye regains hope of living thanks to a chihuahua

United States.- The viral video of the case of a pitbull dog that is deaf and one-eyed, but thanks to a Chihuahua puppy, he can live adventures.

The cuddly duo who have captured hearts in a cute video that shows the couple cuddling together in bed, sharing an adorably close bond.

Wink has been through a lot over the years, and recently beat the odds by surviving surgery that veterinarians told their owners they only had a 1% chance of survival.

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The viral video, which comes from the TikTok account @incredibulltrickdogs, already has nearly a million views and more than 285,000 likes on the video-sharing platform in less than a week since it was posted online.

The beautiful video shows just how close the two dogs are, with Wink wrapping his legs around the Niffler the pit bull dog in a warm hug as the welcoming chihuahua rests his eyes.

Viewers were clearly touched by the loving nature of the couple’s relationship, with one commenting, “This could be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen“.

Another equally excited commenter wrote: “I have an emotionally supportive Chihuahua too! Very comforting.”

A third added: “Most Chihuahuas are devils, yours is sweet.”

Pitbull deaf and with one eye is guided thanks to a chihuahua


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