Verónica Perasso shows her butt well standing with a tight little thong

Veronica Perasso 23-year-old managed to appear as sexy on social networks with a thong for the sole purpose of her fans seeing how her butt looks well standing.

The good thing about being sick is that I can dress like this all day, writes Verónica Perasso in the fiery photo which gave a lot to talk about in networks.

In the photo you can see the Venezuelan model In what seems to be her bedroom and most comfortable with a fresh blouse and thong, unleashing the madness on Instagram.

Verónica Perasso’s publication was immediately filled with thousands of likes as she achieved more than 250 thousand, and the comments continue to increase, as the girl is very popular.

Verónica Perasso super sexy in a thong / Instagram

For those who do not know, he recently announced that he was infected with Covid-19 that is why he has been seen a bit inactive, but that does not stop him from uploading the most ardent photos.

“Your natural lips would look so hot on you”, “Your body is beautiful”, “Damn, you look good for being sick. I hope you feel better soon,” her fans write to her.

Another thing that the Instagram star stressed in recent days is that the sports magazine where she was covered has already gone on sale, for which she is very happy.

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