Vanessa Guzmán boasts on Instagram the gallantry of her two children

Mexico. Vanessa guzman is one of the Mexican actresses who has stood out as such since the nineties and has participated in dozens of soap operas on Televisa, but also has a family.

Vanessa has two children And although he does not like to share images of them by his side on his social networks so often, sometimes he does and his fans lThey fill you with compliments.

Vanessa’s children, who is originally from Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico, love sports, more American football, and they are the result of the two marriages that the beautiful actress has had.

José Eduardo and Uberto They are the names of Guzmán’s handsome sons, and they are 22 and 13 years old respectively.

Vanessa Guzmán with her two children, José Eduardo and Uberto. Instagram photo

Vanessa had the first one with the actor Eduardo Rodriguez when they were married, and she has shared in some interviews that she has just finished her university studies in the United States.

Regarding Uberto, this is the result of the relationship that Vanessa had with fellow actor Uberto Bondoni. After participating in the series My love, in 2006, they both became a couple in real life.

Uberto was born in 2008 in El Paso, Texas, in a private hospital, and like his brother, he lives in the United States, where he also studies.

Uberto visits his famous father whenever he can, since he and Vanessa separated during 2020, as she herself announced in a press release and after thirteen years of relationship.

The beautiful Mexican celebrity has also stated that she is happy and proud of her two children, who are excellent students and are always giving her a lot of satisfaction.

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Vanessa Guzmán has lately stood out in the bodybuilding area And she has surprised with her body, because she shows an incredible transformation that many applaud and congratulate her, but others criticize her too much.

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