Valeria Cuevas, daughter of Aída Cuevas, makes her musical debut with Las betrayed

Mexico. Valeria Cuevas, daughter of the singer Aída Cuevas, debuts in the song with the theme The betrayed and she was a guest on the television show Ventaneando, with Pati Chapoy.

Aída Cuevas also accompanied Valeria in said broadcast to support her andn his first interview for television and expressed that she is proud of her daughter.

Aída, who is a worthy representative of Mexican Music in Mexico and many other countries, expressed her happiness that her daughter decided to dedicate herself to following in her footsteps in music.

The famous interpreter related that at first her daughter refused to be a singer, but finally she encouraged herself and ended up singing, since at the end of the day It’s in his blood.

Valeria expressed being happy to sing, also that she will not fight for the wardrobe, since her famous mother lends her a lot and has to show off in all her presentations, in addition to having her own.

And Valeria makes special emphasis that her mother Aida has been her great teacher since her childhood and has prepared her to sing, but she has also taken courses and studied music.

About The betrayed, the first topic Valeria promotes, said that it addresses the issue of infidelity. When the woman discovers that the man has been unfaithful, she asks him to leave and not come back.

“This song is written by my brother Diego with Arturo de la Fuente, they are both quautors and he talks about heartbreak and betrayal in modern times, it is basically through the phone that he realizes that he is being unfaithful, he answers and he realizes it counts that it is the other one. “

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Valeria Cuevas hopes to conquer the public with her voice and songs, and she does not deny that she would love one day to become one of the favorite singers in Mexico and other countries.

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