Urías earned at least the nomination

SHARPENED.- Near the end of the regular role in the majors, the inevitable speculations about who are in the bid to contest the trophies for the best of the year has emerged with force. Obviously, it is not necessary for each one to pray to his saint, and for that reason the other’s favorite is seen almost with contempt. And right in the center of this recurring debate appears the Sinaloan graduate of children’s leagues Julio Urías, who with his 17 triumphs as his most outstanding merit has won at least the respective nomination and as an honor to his campaign he takes some votes for the Cy Young .

Very far from considering Urías a firm candidate since in contrast some of his figures are not enough to see his performance as completely round. In addition, he does not have the media stamp that, for example, his teammate, Max Scherzer, who is put at the top to win the trophy. And well earned it would also be. But seeing him in a group of applicants is already, at the very least, a recognition of what has been done, of the fine stamp that he reveals in each opening and that has greatly earned him the respect of his rivals. Urías is already, before many, a pitcher “of level”. A nomination at this point is to have some sporting glory.

CONTROVERSY.- Of course, the eventual nomination of Urías to the Cy Young has served to rekindle the debate about the estimated value of the statistics of games won, even leading the controversy to the disdain of some for said figure. Hearing or reading about it reminds us of 1972 when Steve Carlton won the trophy after winning 27 games with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Perhaps it is that the rule of oblivion is that “before they counted, not today”, that what a pitcher does for five or more innings has no merit because what is now in vogue is the relief pitching and the starting pitcher is only one tool, of so many, of the manager on duty.

The triumphs, it is said, are team work, one could even agree, but no one can deny that in most cases, the work of the starting pitcher is what makes the difference. Thesis that for the superbiometrics passes by, the sect bets more on what the computers say, what the algorithms indicate and that the supposed “sorcery” that Bill James put into vogue so that it is not seen by some, as it has been up to now , as a trickster resource.

FINAL.- The final series was complicated for the Yucatan Lions, they could not finish it in Mérida and now they will have to face the two options they have to be champions in Tijuana. A title series with few nuances that the most that has offered in high tones has been the fifth game won by the Bulls in extrainnings, which was very close to having an outcome in favor of the locals.

The big hairy bet is that the Cuban Yoanner Negrín will open the sixth game, on the border, where he already won the second match of the series. Either that or play everything for everything in a seventh game that would be all a “toss-up.” For the Lions it is Negrín and now, for the Bulls it is that their bullpen, more than their starters, do the job … that they let them do their job. All in a series, it is reiterated, without great din, surrounded by rimbombances manufactured in the heat of understood fanaticisms and merits worthy, in the best of cases, of understanding. And it is that sometimes, only sometimes, submission wants to earn a reward.

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