Up Ken Salazar to Mexico to assume the position of US ambassador

Mexico.- Ken Salazar, the new United States ambassador to Mexico, arrived this Saturday, September 11, in the Mexican Republic to begin diplomatic tasks in national territory.

On August 26, Lee Salazar protested as ambassador of the president’s government Joe Biden in Mexico, after being ratified earlier this month by US senators.

When approached by the national media at the Mexico City International Airport, the North American official declared that he was arriving in the Mexican Republic with “pride of my Mexican roots and also of my American roots“.

Among the issues highlighted in these first statements was the migratory flow, the Covid-19 pandemic and the security in the two neighboring nations.

Regarding the issue of migration, he said that he will work to structure an immigration system that benefits both the USA and Mexico.

“I know there are other things that are very important to all of us, I will be working to ensure that we have a migration system to work for the United States and also for Mexico, “he stressed.

Ken Salazar has yet to deliver his credentials to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, with whom he hopes to meet very soon.

For his part, the public servant announced that he will not only stay in Mexico City, but will visit various states throughout the Aztec territory, as former ambassador Christopher Landau did at the time.

“In the days ahead I will not just be here, I will visit parts of the country, but it is not enough that you see the different states, it is important that you visit the towns of the United States, “he mentioned.

As for the health contingency, Lee Salazar indicated that he will join President López Obrador and the Mexican citizenry to be able to face the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, which has hit both countries in great proportions.

The diplomat recalled that he served as Colorado attorney general, as well as a senator and Secretary of the Interior during the government of Barack Obama between 2009 and 2013.

He took the opportunity to indicate that, as a promoter of the energy transition, States must join forces to work in favor of planet Earth, thinking about the world that will be left to future generations.

“I also know that the safety of the people of the United States and the people of Medico is something that is too important for us, both countries,” said Ken Salazar.

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Likewise, the new United States ambassador to Mexico reported that one of the priority issues to be addressed will be security, after officials of the US Department of Defense have revealed that the groups of the organized crime they control almost a third of the Mexican republic.

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