unpleasant! Woman finds human finger in hamburger and restaurant closes

A woman denounced on social networks that he found a human finger inside a hamburger that she was preparing to eat in a restaurant called ‘Hot Burger’, this happened last Sunday.

The victim was identified as Estefany Benitez, who revealed in her Facebook account that she went to the aforementioned business of burgers, bought one and at the time of biting it found the finger.

“I am broadcasting to the branch of the 3rd ring of San Aurelio, reason that in the hamburger magnificent when eating and chewing catch a FINGER that I and my friend asked, this happened today Sunday 12-09-2021 at night “, wrote the woman.

Before the discovery of human finger the woman He went to claim the staff and demand that they return his money.

After the woman’s complaint, the employees behave in a friendly manner and tell her that it was a situation that got out of hand that they were going to return the money.

“They (the managers) tell me what solution they want (to arrive), we give it to them. The truth comes out of our hands because that comes directly to us already prepared,” says an employee.

The restaurant where the events occurred is located in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in Bolivia.

After the fact was made known, the Bolivian Police investigated the case for a possible attack against public health and once the corresponding procedures had been carried out, the restaurant of burgers it was closed.

According to the statements obtained by the authorities, a restaurant employee suffered an accident a few days ago and lost part of his finger index when he worked in the meat sausage for the preparation of burgersreported Colonel Edson Claure, director of the Special Crime Fighting Force (Felcc).

For its part, the restaurant of burgers confirmed through a statement that one of their employees had an accident, however, they did not state that if the finger found in the food is from that worker.

Finally, the restaurant was temporarily closed yesterday Monday by the Vice Ministry of Defense of User and Consumer Rights of Bolivia.

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“The Vice Ministry for the Defense of User and Consumer Rights temporarily closes and sanctions with 3000 UFVs a fast food restaurant in the San Aurelio area, at the complaint of a user who found a human finger in the food sold by this economic unit, the Felcc ex officio conducts the corresponding investigations in this case, “wrote the Vice Ministry on Facebook.

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