UN accuses Taliban of failing to keep promises to respect women’s rights

Afghanistan.- The taliban are not keeping their promises to respect the human rights of women and give amnesty to people related to the previous government supported by the USA, denounced the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle bachelet.

In his report to the Human Rights Council of the HIM-HER-IT on the situation in Afghanistan after the change of power, Bachelet assured that in less than a month of Taliban control “the women have been progressively excluded of the public space “.

Girls over the age of twelve have already been prohibited from attending school in many parts of the country, and numerous departments for the protection of women in the country have been dismantled, while their staff was threatened, the former Chilean president denounced.

“Associations of women from civil society have been accused of being obscene, or of spreading ideas against Islam in their communities,” said the UN human rights officer, who also stressed that in some areas women are already prohibited from go to public areas without a male companion.

“In some cases they have been ordered to stay at home, claiming it is for their own safety, as the Taliban forces are not ‘trained’ to deal with them,” the high commissioner lamented.

Regarding the announced amnesty of the Taliban for former public officials and security personnel, Bachelet declared that the actions that are being perpetrated in Afghanistan contradict this promise.

“My office has received well-founded complaints of revenge killings against former members of the security forces, and of arbitrary arrests of officials and their families,” stressed the high commissioner, who also denounced that some of these detainees have died in custody.

There have also been reports of house searches of the Taliban, which this force had promised not to carry out, in search of officials and people who cooperated with the US military in cities such as Kabul, Kandahar, Herat or Mazar-i-Sharif, among others.

UN agency workers have similarly suffered increasing attacks and threats, while NGO offices and civil society groups have suffered searches by the Taliban, Bachelet added.

“The country has entered a new and dangerous stage, in which many Afghans are deeply concerned about their human rights,” he summarized.

Faced with the complaints, “the United Nations will maintain the greatest vigilance,” warned Bachelet, before urging the Human Rights Council to create a mechanism to monitor the situation of fundamental freedoms in Afghanistan more closely.

In this regard, on August 24 a special session of the same council ignored the calls of activists inside and outside Afghanistan and did not approve a permanent commission of inquiry for the country.

The high commissioner today expressed her dismay at the “lack of inclusiveness” of the new Taliban government, as it does not include women in its ranks and is mostly made up of the Pashtun ethnic group.

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In a message to the international community, Bachelet called on all states to “use their influence with the Taliban to demand respect for human rights, with special attention to women, girls and members of ethnic and religious minorities.”

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