Two vehicles and a trailer collide at the south exit of Salvador Alvarado

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- About the Mexico highway 15 at the southern exit of this city of Guamúchil, Salvador Alvarado, a few kilometers before reaching the community of El Taballal, this Saturday afternoon there was a strong car crash in which three units, two vehicles and a trailer participated.

It is a Toyota brand truck from the Tacoma line, gray color and not so recent model that suffered damage to the entire rear while the other unit is Nissan, a recent model red Versa and a gray trailer .

The small units came out of the asphalt belt, remaining on the sides of it while the heavy units were left with the cabin on the verge of overturning.

Fortunately, the spectacular accident only caused great material losses and so far no person has been reported injured or seriously injured.

The trailer obstructed a lane for which the elements of the National Guard Roads division did the task of controlling the traffic flow that was traveling on this road and thus avoid one more accident.

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Paramedics from the Guamúchil Red Cross attended the scene and provided the necessary care to those who were involved in the incident.


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