Two Latino babies are abandoned on the banks of the Rio Grande in Texas

United States.- A two-year-old girl and her three-month-old brother were abandoned on the shore of the Bravo River on Texas, United States, it was Border Patrol agents who found them on September 14.

It was around 12:00 p.m. when Border Patrol officers from the Eagle Pass South Station they found the little brothers in the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass when conducting boating operations.

The policemen noticed something unusual on the river bank, so they gave themselves the task of investigating, when they got closer they could see that there were two abandoned children, so they quickly put them to safety.

When they lifted the baby carrier where the three-month-old child was, they noticed a small note, where it said the age of each of the minors, that they were from Honduras and that they are siblings.

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After the discovery, they began to look for an adult but did not locate anyone, so the minors were transferred to the Uvalde station for processing, none of them needed medical attention since they were in very good health.

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