Two hundred years

The beginning of the struggle for the independence of the new Spain to become a free and sovereign Republic that would eventually take the name of Mexico lasted more than eleven years. Tomorrow we will celebrate that event and with it we will give testimony that it is important to remember the effort and sacrifice of thousands of men and women of that time to give us that air of freedom that we currently enjoy.

There are many stories, better said, varied stories about the main events around that heroic deed headed by flesh and blood individuals like you and me with enough forward-thinking to build a better environment for their descendants. They succeeded … two hundred years after that struggle was consummated, here we are more than 120 million Mexicans living in better conditions than the promoters of that liberating insurrection movement from chains of slavery and injustice.

The opportunity that those thousands of insurgents gave us before we were born is proof that selfishness can be defeated when the open-mindedness and the strength of individual convictions are combined for the good of those who do not know each other or for the benefit of those who they have not arrived yet.

Being free is, after all, a gift and a fact always obtained thanks to the good disposition of others who are no longer with us, but who knew how good it feels not to depend on anyone. It’s a privilege.

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