Tunden French student who called Mexicans “indigenous” and used the Mexican flag in the bathroom

The great problem of xenophobia in the world is no secret to anyone. This old problem is still deeply rooted, as shown by the case of a French exchange student in Mexico.

Despite the fact that the Mexican Republic is one of the favorite countries for foreigners to spend their vacations for its landscapes, culture and gastronomy, many foreigners still have prejudices or, worse still, denigrate Mexicans and the nation, just like the student French Maxime Tsr Perpoil.

It was through social networks that Mexican Internet users began to denounce the comments and actions made by the student who achieved a school exchange at the La Salle Mexico school.

Through your account Instagram (maxime18p), the foreigner shared a photograph to celebrate the first 30 days he has spent in Mexico. However, he used the term “indigenous” to refer to the citizenship that inhabits the national territory.

“Primer mes con los indígenas Translation for non-bilinguals: first month among the natives”, wrote Maxime.

As expected, this comment did not please the French’s companions, so they took it upon themselves to spread an image of him where the young man was using a Mexican flag while performing his physiological needs.

After the attitudes of the European student towards the country that welcomed him went viral, the young man was the target of a whole wave of comments in which users request the extradition of the man to France.

Given the multiple messages he received on his virtual platforms, Maxime published a text in the Facebook group La Salle México in which he apologized for the comments and the photo.

“Hello everyone, This message is to apologize for what happened, the two photos of my Instagram and my friend were very clumsy on our part. I got a lot of messages on Instagram and I can’t even blame you, but I promise we didn’t mean to offend you. If we chose Mexico to go on an exchange, it was because we wanted to discover this country and we really enjoyed it. Our intention was never to disrespect you and your country. We talked to the administration and explained the mistake that we did and that we regret what we have done. We are really sorry, “he wrote from his profile on the aforementioned Meta social network.

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However, very few Mexicans considered their apologies valid, since they pointed out that they only did so because of the pressure exerted by Internet users against the published images.

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