Trustee challenges the appointment of the head of the Internal Control Body in Guasave

Guasave, Sinaloa.- After the controversy that generated the appointment of the owner of the Internal control organ in the last Cabildo session in Guasave, in which Juan Ramón Bojórquez Cempoatl was ratified by a majority of the votes, the attorney-in-fact Efraín Zavala Espinoza presented before the Electoral Tribunal a challenge looking for the session to be held again and he is allowed to propose whoever remains in said position as stipulated by law.

“I presented an appeal, a lawsuit against the municipal president, the council of councilors, the secretary of the City Council and who is held as the head of the Internal Control Body, this for violation of the rights of the public servant… We are asking that it be ordered that that session of the Cabildo be reestablished and that the trustee be allowed to make his proposal and exercise what the Law says in Article 67 bis e, which has the power to propose the new head to the council. of the Internal Control Body if this in turn approves it with 2 thirds ”.

Zavala Espinoza denied that he is seeking said position and stressed that he will end his functions as a trustee, clarifying that he is not interested in the position but in fulfilling his powers and fulfilling the Guasavenses in that sense.

Mayor Aurelia Leal López confirmed that they had already been notified about the challenge, however she indicated that they are sure that it will not proceed, since the Electoral Court is not the corresponding instance for the issue.

“In effect, an appeal was received from the attorney general to the Guasave Council and a timely reply was already given as established by the Law, in effect, it was challenged before the Electoral Court that according to our knowledge it is a resource that is it is going to reject in the second instance because it is totally inappropriate; We are sure that we did things in accordance with the Law, that we did not violate any norm and that things are fine ”.

In this sense, the attorney general indicated that as an elected individual, the Electoral Tribunal is the appropriate instance to present the challenge, so much so that the municipality has already received the notification.

“For violation of the rights of the public servant, that is why it was before the Electoral Court, in the exercise of the functions of the attorney general, for the violation of the rights as an elected individual in the exercise of my functions, is the instance where it takes this type of objections, it is the indicated instance ”.

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It will be in a margin of approximately 10 days, considered the attorney general, that the Electoral Court issues the decision.

Do they break spears in the PRI?


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