Trucks jump booth and damage the streets of two police stations in Navolato

Sinaloa.- The drivers of heavy and cargo trucks I know jump the toll booth the Pisal and cross the community of Estación Rosales, belonging to the Culiacancito receivership and by La Platanera, Navolato municipality police station, causing great deterioration to the streets of both towns.

No authority has been held responsible for the damage and there are sections that are riddled with potholes, so it is almost impossible to drive. Drivers of small cars are at great risk because they can be injured by falling into a hole, and they can also be tipped over or collided.

Rosa Imelda García Villarreal, commissioner of Estación Rosales, explained that this community seems as if it were a highway because a large number of units pass by, which transport bales of food for cattle, cattle, corn, among other large quantities of products.

There are times when they are afraid to go out on the street when they see so many heavy units, in addition to causing a lot of noise, they are also bursting the drinking water pipes. Workers from the Culiacán Potable Water and Sewerage Board have to go to make repairs.


According to García Villarreal, there is currently a stretch of highway from Estación Rosales to La Platanera in very poor condition, and it is feared that road accidents may be recorded.

In his case, he considers that something should be done with the passage of the old La Platanera booth, because after removing it it was left open and that is why the drivers of trailers and heavy trucks jump there to avoid paying the toll of the highway .

If it is not covered at least to put arches so that the trailers cannot pass, it is what she requests, before other damages are caused to the villages.

The commissioner asks the inhabitants of La Platanera to unite and together begin to carry out various actions to fix the damaged sections, and also to prevent the passage of heavy units that are not from the municipalities of Culiacán and Navolato.

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Currently, some of the holes are being plugged with debris by some road users, but from nearby communities. For this reason they call on the state government to help them carry out the corresponding repairs.

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In the community of La Platanera, the road is required to be in good condition because it floods when strong storms fall. The inhabitants, when leaving during the rains, will not know where the potholes are and may suffer an accident.

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