Triple Chofis! Javier López got his first “Hat Trick” with San José Earthquakes

San José, California.- On the night of September 15 of this year, he noted a cry from Viva México in the city of San José, California, as the Mexican Javier Eduardo “Chofis” López he made a name for himself by winning his first “Hat Trick” in his journey within Major League Soccer (MLS).

The former Chivas footballer, who is led by the former coach of the herd, Matías Almeyda, He noted his best game not only of the season but of his football career, when he found the rival door of the Real Salt Lake on three occasions, including an Olympic goal.

The “Chofis”, who works as a winger on the right, opened the can in the PayPal Park of his institution when facing two defenders and with an insurmountable force he obtained the way to beat the Mexican-American David Ochoa, exceeding 25 ‘of confrontation.

The visitors would tie the duel and the first half ended in a draw. López needed four minutes to jump onto the field and put the Blues ahead again. After making his classic feint and leaving the defenders on the grass, he went into the Ochoa region to push his double.

“Chofis” López scored a triplet
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The thing would not end there, because in the shot a very motivated, happy and eager Javier was perceived to look for another target in regular time, so he was in charge of surprising a whole team shining with his fantastic Olympic goal, at 64 ‘.

Throwing the lunareja at the near post, the identical one made a thread towards the goal of Real Salt Lake to culminate in the bottom of the mesh, giving the San José Earthquakes the advantage for the third time in the game and at the same time giving the “Chofis” López his first third of Aces in MLS.

Javier López scored “Hat Trick”
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The closing of the engagement did not work in his favor. Real Salt Lake came back from the scoreboard in regulation time and ended up taking the victory, but, without a doubt, the figure was the Mexican for such a spectacular presentation in what was the closing day of soccer in the United States.

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