Tremendous scare! Plane from Turkey makes emergency landing in Siberia

Istanbul.- A airplane Boeing 767 that took off from the Turkish city of Antalya in the direction of eastern Russia emergency landed on the siberian city from Krasnoyarsk this Saturday, according to data from an air terminal that was leaked in Reuters.

Azur Air Flight ZF268 requested an emergency landing while soaring through the skies of Siberia after experiencing problems with the hydraulic system, according to the Russian news agency Interfax.

According to the same media, no injured people were reported.

Following the incident, Krasnoyarsk International Airport avoided giving hasty responses to correspondents. While the Russian airline Azur Air, which operates charter flights, could not be immediately contacted.

Another Azue Air flight that left Antalya on Friday for the Russian city of Belgorof, about 580 kilometers south of Moscow, made an emergency landing after a pressure alert was activated in the cabin, according to the publication. security officer Aviantion Herald.

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The plane, a Boeing 757, returned safely to Antalya and was replaced by a Boeing 767 that flew to Belgorod after the incident, according to reports from the flight-tracking website Flightradar24.


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