Tremendous conflict has again the mayor of Choix, Omar Gill Santini, with insecurity

The surprise. The invitations to his cabinet made known by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, first to the governor of Sinaloa and then to that of Nayarit, have been the highlight of the political media all weekend. Low, medium and high-level political analysts have stated, among other things, that it is a strategy to dismantle the Por México alliance, made up of the PRI-PAN-PRD and promoted by Coparmex in the last elections and that it would have to take hold to in 2024. However, many have endorsed the performance of the Sinaloan governor. The president of the Valle del Fuerte Business Center, José de Jesús Ramos Ortiz, says that it is important that the invitation made by the President of the Republic to Governor Quirino Ordaz to be ambassador in Spain is not seen as payment of political fees for agreements in the obscure thing, but because of the governor’s capacity and because of his excellent qualification of the population for his performance.

Contradiction. The one who drew attention when talking about the assignment of Quirino Ordaz as Mexican ambassador to Spain was the president of the PRD in Ahome. María de los Ángeles Valenzuela Briceño, says that she sees the decision of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador very positive because he is a businessman, of strong decisions, because he is going to promote Sinaloa touristically speaking, because with Spain there are many ties of friendship and business and that, therefore, Sinaloa will do well. However, the state leader of the Party of the Democratic Revolution, Marco Aurelio Vásquez López, assured yesterday that the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador is a placement agency for the governors of the PRI and PAN who will complete their functions in office. “That he is recycling and looting PRI politicians to incorporate them into a movement without ideology and caudillismo.” How’s it going!

Promises, promises. The one who says he has very nice dreams is the coordinator of the parliamentary group of the Institutional Revolutionary Party of the 64th legislature, Ricardo Madrid Pérez. Now he says that the PRI bench within the State Congress will not be submissive or surrendering during the government of Rubén Rocha Moya, but dialogue and agreements will be sought so that the governor-elect of Morena will do well. That the actions of the deputies will be critical, serious, strong opposition and arguments, because it is not about going to “fight to fight” or shout. Will be? How many times have Sinaloans heard that?

S.O.S. Those who no longer find what to do to be heard are the inhabitants of El Carrizo. For more protests and requests for help they have made, no one hears them. Now they have made common cause to ensure that they are not charged 250 pesos for the card to pass the San Miguel booth. A group of carricenses say that they are thinking of demonstrating in the booth, but with that then they open a process for blocking the federal highway and call them to testify. And where are the leaders, the councilors, the deputies?

Red spotlight. Tremendous conflict has again the mayor of Choix, Omar Gill Santini, with insecurity. Yesterday, another murder broke with the tranquility that more or less had in the municipality in recent months. The worst thing is that two young people were injured by stray bullets, including a young woman. That is why the human rights defender Josefina Couret reiterates her call to permanently send them to the National Guard.


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