Tranquility! National Holidays in the Évora Region end with a white balance

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- After the celebration of the Cry of Independence carried out the night of yesterday, September 15, in the Town Halls of the Évora Region, police authorities reported that during work, everyone marched with tranquility and without mishaps that have put them on alert for what they declare as white balance.

Sergio Lagunes Inclán, Commander of Public Security and Municipal Traffic of Angostura, said that the citizens behaved and there were no mishaps.

For his part, Juan Carlos Barraza Morales, director of Public Security of the municipality of Salvador Alvarado, likewise reported that fortunately a white balance was registered and only on Wednesday night did they find it necessary to detain four men for having breached in fouls administrative.

He commented that out of the above, everything was calm. “No incident during the celebration of the national holidays can determine a white balance,” he said.

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Finally Gerardo Cervantes Mendoza, Commander of Public Security of the Magical Town of Mocorito, in the same way as the other municipalities, reiterated that there was a good behavior in the national holidays.

Do they break spears in the PRI?


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