Towards an inclusive Ahome: the program “Donatón mobilizes his life with Love” is carried out

Loos Mochis, Sinaloa.- With great participation, the “Donatón mobilizes his life with Love” programwhich is carried out by the Ahome City Council, through the Institute for the Inclusion and Development of Persons with Disabilities (IMDIS), and that eight days after its start has raised 100 braces.

Carlos Martín Valenzuela Navarro, general director of IMDIS, said he was happy with the sum of the efforts of citizens, businessmen and even municipal officials, since in the most recent of the donations they received 17 devices, which were delivered by the staff of the Directorate of Treasury together with the head of said area, Antonio Humberto Vega Arellano.

He stressed that thanks to the support of the municipal president of Ahome, Gerardo Vargas Landeros, these types of programs are possible, which help those who have less, and this makes a difference to change people’s lives.

“We have a president and a work team that is thinking of all citizens, especially those who have the least, which, as I say, is the administration of inclusion and development.”

He added that they are distributing these devices since they have a list of people who have requested them, in addition to the fact that on July 15, at the closing of the “Donatón mobilizes your life with Love” program, they will deliver more than one hundred appliances.

For his part, Antonio Humberto Vega Arellano, municipal treasurer, said he was very happy and grateful to the staff in his charge, since they made an effort to join the noble cause, for which he took the opportunity to invite the public to support, either individually or in groups.

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It is worth mentioning that the collection centers are the offices of IMDIS, DIF Ahome, CANACINTRA Los Mochis and Plaza Sendero, where you can leave new or used devices in good condition.

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