Today Friday September 17 is not circulating: cars with blue gumming rest

Mexico City.- For this Friday, September 17, the vehicles that must rest in Mexico City and the State of Mexico are those with BLUE colored stickers, with 9 and 0 terminations, 1 and 2 holograms, according to the program. Today does not circulate.

The program is in force in Mexico City and in the 18 surrounding municipalities of the State of Mexico, with hours from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

It should be noted that the exempted vehicles are those with the 0 and 00 holograms, as well as electric and hybrid vehicles.

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Complementary provisions of the Hoy no Circula program

In addition to what is established in paragraph VII of the Program Today does not circulate The following vehicles are exempt from the limitations:

  • Agricultural tractors.
  • Machinery dedicated to the construction and mining industries.
  • Motorcycles
  • Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight less than or equal to 400 kilograms.
  • Category I and II hybrid vehicles with gasoline and electric propulsion engines.
  • Vehicles with old and / or classic car registration.
  • Vehicles with demonstration and / or transfer registration.
  • Vehicles whose technology prevents the application of the corresponding Official Mexican Standard.
  • Vehicles that carry a Certificate of the type “Special Programs for Mobile Sources” or “Self-regulation”, that participate in the Environmental Self-Regulation Program for diesel vehicles.
  • Vehicles that carry a Paisano Tourist Pass during the activation of the Paisano Program.
  • Vehicles that carry the documents of Extension to the Vehicle Verification Period, issued by the Secretariat of the Environment of Mexico City.
  • Vehicles for private use by workers in the health sector in all their specialties, paramedical, administrative and support. In this case, they may carry the health symbol stamped and signed by their workplace, until the conclusion of the Health Emergency. Anyone who misuses this provision will be penalized.

Why does the Hoy No Circula apply?

The Ministry of the Environment (Sedema) applies the program Today does not circulate in order to contribute to better air quality.

In the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Mexico, which includes the 16 mayors of Mexico City and in 18 suburban municipalities of the State of Mexico (Atizapán de Zaragoza, Coacalco de Berriozábal, Cuautitlán, Cuautitlán Izcalli, Chalco, Chicoloapan, Chimalhuacán, Ecatepec de Morelos, Huixquilucan, Ixtapaluca, La Paz, Naucalpan de Juárez, Nezahualcóyotl, Nicolás Romero, Tecámac, Tlalneplantla de Baz, Tultitlán and Valle de Chalco).

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