To the Mexican! His girlfriend pretended to be possessed by the demon and he “exorcised” her with a flip flop. Video

The chancla has been used since ancient times by Mexican mothers, commonly to reprimand the misconduct of their children, however, a young man of USA, found another use for it, and used it to “get the devil out” of his girlfriend.

As unbelievable as it may sound a young man tried exorcise to his girlfriend from a flip flop, when he saw that while they slept she stayed in the air like in the scene of the famous movie “The Exorcist”, so when her boyfriend saw this, her first reaction was to shoot him with the chancla.

However, it was all a joke of girlfriend, who decided to play a prank on the young man and record everything to see his partner’s reaction after he discovered her floating in the air.

In the clip, you see the young woman “levitate” in bed, when the man on account, jumps in fright and falls on the bed, so the first thing that occurred to him to get the Devil to his girlfriend, was throwing him with the chancla, with which he hit the head.

At that moment, the young woman She couldn’t contain her laughter, and got up yelling “murderer” at her boyfriend for attacking her with a cash flip flop.

The truth is, it is not uncommon for people to joke, because it is a very famous trick that became very popular precisely because of its presentation in the film with Linda Blair.

However, before this it was already something used by magicians and illusionists for their tricks where they make people levitate; mainly women in long dresses, but something that had never happened was that the joke ended with an exorcism based on flip-flops.

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