Three people from Guanajuato are injured after an accident on the Mazatlán-Durango highway

Concordia, Sinaloa. Three injured people, two adults and one minor, from the state of Guanajuato, were injured after hitting a retaining wall while traveling on the Mazatlán-Durango highway.

This was at kilometer 203, near the La Guásima bridge. There was also heavy material damage.

The speeding led to the driver of the affected car, a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro in tinted black, lost control of it, impacting directly and frontally on one of the protective walls con which this important highway has.

Capufe paramedics were the first to arrive at the site of the incident, immediately transferring the crew members who, according to official sources, are in stable condition; the minor under 8 years of age who was traveling with the couple did not suffer serious damage. The general data of those affected are unknown.

Elements of the National Guard division of communication routes arrived at the site of the mishap, securing the affected vehicle and protecting the area.

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It should be noted that circulation was not affected and its course continued steadily.

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