Three injured leave a crash in the Viñedos subdivision in Los Mochis

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Three injured he left a shock that happened on Boulevard Poseidón and Río Fuerte in the Viñedos neighborhood, at noon this Saturday.

The units involved are a green Ford Fusion and a white Jetta.

The accident It happened at 12:20 when the Jetta was moving from north to south along the Río Fuerte, but when it reached the crossing with the Poseidon, it was attacked by the Ford Fusion, which allegedly did not give way.

After the spectacular blow the Jetta was crossed and the Fusion still crashed with a lamp.

Witnesses called the emergency service 911 and minutes later Red Cross paramedics arrived who gave first aid to two crew members of the Fusion and the driver of the Jetta.

Road traffic was interrupted for more than an hour due to the severity of the accident.

It should be noted that there were some children in the white sedan, but fortunately they were unharmed.

Relatives of both drivers arrived at the scene and helped them remove some belongings from the cars.

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Traffic agents arrived at the mishap and defined responsibilities. There it emerged that the material losses were valued at more than 70 thousand pesos.

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