This week begins the construction of three watchtowers in Las Glorias, Guasave

Guasave, Sinaloa.- Starting this week, the construction of three watchtowers on Las Glorias beach de Guasave, which will allow Firefighters and Civil Protection elements to have better visibility conditions and a safer space while they are alert to the presence of bathers.

Municipal authorities accompanied on Friday afternoon the personnel of the contractor company that is responsible for the construction of the three watchtowers in the resort, in the coming weeks.

Macario Gaxiola Castro, director of Civil Protection, explained that on Friday afternoon they met with the staff, who were told what the need was and the location proposals, where Firefighters have a greater scope.

It should be remembered that in recent weeks incidents have been reported on said beach, where entry into the sea has even been prohibited due to strong currents and predicted natural phenomena, which have caused that there are no suitable conditions for bathers and even with forecasts At risk and against, people do not miss the opportunity to get into the sea, even though they put their lives at risk.

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And if it had not been for the intervention of other walkers, Firefighters and Civil Protection who have given them help and first aid, there would have been more fatal results.

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