This is how the Pericos market will be called in Mocorito, Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- This Tuesday the VIII (Eighth) Ordinary Session of the Cabildo was held in the H. City Hall of Mocorito, Sinaloa, in which 10 points were included in the agenda, which were unanimously approved , among which the proposed name for the Market of the Syndicate of Parakeets.

The recently rehabilitated and rescued Mercado de Pericos, about to be inaugurated, already has an official name, which is derived from a proposal agreed upon by an assembly with the residents of said receivership, who decided to choose the name of

“Consuelo Pastor Morales” better known as “La Con”, whom they consider a person very loved by the residents of said receivership and icon of the commercial area with a trajectory of more than 80 years as a merchant.

This was justified by the councilor Claudio López Camacho, who also recognized the efforts and efforts made by the government to carry out a work as emblematic and necessary as the market facilities.

Other items approved on the agenda refer to: Alcohol License, Land Use Certificate and Retirement or Pension applications.

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Also in the general affairs section, requests were made in relation to sanitation works, which were already solved yesterday, as explained by the Manager of JMAPAM and finally requests for fumigation, to which the mayor responded that he was willing to allocate resources to the Ministry of Health and thus begin as soon as possible with fumigation campaigns throughout the municipality.

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