This is how Claudia Sheinbaum’s Third Report will be this Friday at the CDMX Congress

After five days of discussions between the different political forces in the Congress of Mexico City, this Tuesday the capital deputies finally agreed on how the Third Report of the head of government Claudia Sheinbaum.

In this sense, the most significant point, and the one that caused the most disagreements among legislators, was that on this occasion, like the first, in 2019, Sheinbaum Pardo will give his message to the Congress in person.

This, after last year, due to the pandemic, he transmitted it virtually to the deputies, from the Old Town Hall Palace, to later transmit a message to the residents of the capital from the Museum of Mexico City, in front of members of his cabinet and some guests.

However, for this year, in addition to the continuing pandemic and the risk of contagion of Covid-19, four deputies and three administrative officials were infected in recent days, less than two weeks after the start of the II Legislature, so they wanted it to be virtual again.

Already in the Donceles compound, at 9:00 a.m. The solemn session will begin with the roll call of the 66 local deputies and the reading of the order of the day, after which the members will be welcomed. special guests, including governors and the representative of President López Obrador.

Subsequently, the welcoming committee will be appointed with deputies from all parties, after which each alliance and parliamentary group will have five minutes to offer a position regarding the third year of the capital’s administration, being the order Citizen movement, Women Democrats (PVEM-PT), Green Together for the City (PVEM-Morena), FART, PRI, PAN and Brunette.

Afterwards, Sheinbaum Pardo will give his message to Congress, for which he will not have time limit, as part of the agreement between all the political forces, whose report will be answered by the president of the Board of Directors, the Morenista Hector Diaz Polanco.

The other protocols

Along with the order of presentation and timing, the parties agreed that all legislators should maintain the climate of respect and political civility, without interruptions to whoever has the floor or statements outside the format, or lack of respect for Sheinbaum or any of those present in the session.

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Likewise, due to the contagion of Covid-19, they will be implemented sanitary filters at the entrance to the enclosure, in addition to maintaining a reduced capacity inside it, as well as the mandatory use and at all times of the face mask, the social distancing and that of gel antibacterial before and after taking the stand.


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