Rocha Moya doesn’t give the Scream, but she also makes noise. The governor-elect, Rubén Rocha Moya, generated a tremendous commotion, who, during the night of the celebration of the Cry of Independence at the Government Palace, reaffirmed that he had already entered into talks with the state attorney general, Juan José Ríos Estavillo, for, in good terms, “to reach an agreement” of an anticipated change in the ownership of this autonomous body. There, too, at the celebration, he revealed that he had already invited the former candidate of Fuerza por México to governor, Rosa Elena Millán Bueno, to join his Administration, which begins next November 1. Of course, he anticipated that it will not be in a Secretariat, because they already have them practically covered, but in a General Directorate, since he affirms that the expriista is a very experienced woman in public service. Let us remember that Millán Bueno has experience in the legislative and executive exercise, because in addition to having been a federal and local deputy, she has been secretary of Social Development, director of Seguro Popular and also director of the Public Registry of Property and Commerce in the entity. At the time, Rosa Elena confirmed some rapprochement, and the statements of the morenista today reaffirm it.

No clear future. As long as the Government of Mexico does not resolve the veto imposed by the United States on national shrimp, the situation of the fishing sector will remain uncertain. Since May of this year, Mexican shrimp cannot enter the largest market in the world due to errors and omissions of the shrimp fleet in the use of turtle excluders. Conapesca, headed by Octavio Almada Palafox, presumes that the inspections for the correct installation and use of the excluders have already begun on September 10 in Sonora. But the inspection of the North American representatives has yet to be defined. If this is delayed, it will affect the fishing activity and the commercialization of the production, be it little or much.

In a hurry. The one who is said to be in super rush for November 1, even for the delivery-reception on October 1, in search of someone to accompany him in his cabinet, is the elected mayor of El Fuerte, Gildardo Leyva. Although he already has some confirmed names, he has not wanted to release a pledge. It was learned that the successor of Nubia Ramos still lacks the most important headlines for the magical town: Treasury and Water Board. Just imagine! And it is necessary to think a lot about who is going to want that commitment if the period that is going has the pending account with CFE and it ends as it began: with the same problems with water and money. Many communities have already lobbied in a thousand ways for the failure of the vital service to be solved, but nothing. They have not paid the debt with the Federal Electricity Commission and, with that background, they say that only a very brave politician could enter it.

Arduous task. The elected mayor of Guasave spoke about the case of the Jumapag, which in this Administration already had three managers, who have come and gone, but none could put order in that barrel of gunpowder that the paramunicipal has become. Martín Ahumada Quintero pointed out that when they are handed over it, they will see point by point the problems and needs that they have, he does not even rule out the possibility of receiving the support of the State Government to solve this problem, which he considers is not a mission impossible, but it is one of the most complicated areas, in which they will have to act with great calm, discipline and order to carry out a disciplined evaluation to see what they will do to rescue her once and for all, plus it will also have a lot to do with the person to lead, who should be someone with extensive knowledge in administrative matters, because if they put a politician there, things, instead of improving, could get even worse.

The scream that was not heard. While an event was held in the municipal seat of Mocorito, although simple, to commemorate the 211 years of the Cry of Independence, which was transmitted by social networks and only officials attended, the disagreement of the town of Pericos was not made. wait and criticism towards the municipal president, Jesús Guillermo Galindo Castro, also began to circulate through social networks, and there were a series of comments reproaching the first mayor that in a receivership as important as the one located in the southern area of ​​the The municipality will not even bring them a fireworks show to commemorate this important date, on the other hand, in the municipal presidency there was even a sandwich table for the attendees, so in Pericos they were left with only the desire to give the Shout.

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