They ask for civil command in Security. This time it was the Mexican Lawyers Alliance, in the voice of Ricardo Beltrán Verduzco from Guasavense, who from the capital of Sinaloa suggested to the governor-elect, Rubén Rocha Moya, that the next Secretary of Public Security in the entity be a civilian and not a career military man. or in retirement, as is currently the case, as he pointed out that it has been shown that the military commanders have been left to duty, especially now that the National Guard is doing tasks that it should not, such as cleaning schools. In the restaurant where the lawyer spoke to the press, it transpired that the Ahomense Luis Polo Palafox tried to shake them up by summoning several organizations in order to hold a private meeting to talk about security in the state, but at the time of the hour he did not arrived and only sent two representatives, who arrived with the task of spreading that the entire legal profession supported Polo’s aspirations to relieve Juan José Ríos Estavillo in the State Attorney General’s Office, a version that is not true, since the only position given on the spot was about the need for a civilian command in the Secretariat of Security.

He went to work. They say that the delegate of Roads and Transportation in the northern area of ​​Sinaloa, Gabriel Vargas, now tied his mask well and began to pull the reins of the public transport drivers, who had forgotten the health protocols established to counteract contagions of covid-19. Yesterday, the official announced the sanction to four more urban truck drivers for the incorrect use of the mask and two more foreigners for overcrowding, because with the beginning of classes the demand for the service increased and it seems that the representatives of the Atusum and dealers of foreign transport were not prepared. It might deserve a star for these actions, but the work is just beginning. So it remains to be seen if in a month, when the school year is more advanced and the demand for transport increases even more, Mochitenses will continue to give it the distinction.

Smooth sailing. With everything and the three-month strike last year, the decrease in the workforce and the absence of foreign visitors, the Mazatlán tourism industry has had a gradual recovery in the midst of the health crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic. . According to José Gámez Valle, Marketing Director of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlán, this destination is among the top five in Latin America. The port of Sinaloa has maintained its place in the tourist markets with the preference of national travelers. Just this weekend, an occupancy of 60 percent is expected. Not bad for a low season.

It will give more names. The elected mayor of Guasave announced that this week he will reveal more names of officials who will accompany him in his cabinet, and even said that he would reveal the identities of his Health Director, senior official and the director of the DIF. Until now, it is only known who will be the treasurer, the director of Social Communication and the head of Immujeres, but there are also many who have leaked from reliable sources, and although some have already been confirmed by Martín Ahumada Quintero himself, such as It was the case of Marco Antonio Báez Rochín, who will be the treasurer, he has preferred to save them and reveal them little by little, because apparently in some areas he has nothing defined.

After the storm. A couple of days ago, the Salvador Alvarado (Japasa) Potable Water and Sewerage Board went through a difficult episode after they were left without electricity service due to a pending debt for the month of August plus the last receipt that had just arrived, so the manager, Manuel Beltrán Urías, quickly had to get to work in the negotiation with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) paying 108 thousand pesos, which would correspond to the debt of the month of August, according to it is said, so that the service would be restored to them. They say that calm comes after the storm, but apparently the financial problems do not stop at the Board, because after this there was no resources to cover the payment of this fortnight to the workers, so it is unknown when it could be given and although it is said that there is no disagreement about it, who knows how long they would be willing to wait.

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