Is it true? From within the state PAN they affirm that in the next local legislature the Morenoites will hand over the Gender and Family Equity Commission, which would be chaired by the elected deputy Giovanna Morachis, who, together with Adolfo Beltrán Corrales, will integrate the small blue and white parliamentary group of the 64th Legislature, which begins on October 1. Certainly, the version is doubtful, since they say that the one who has been in charge of spreading it is Nelba Osorio Porras, a candidate to lead the party. The doubt is not because she says so, but because it seems difficult for the morenistas to release a commission that deals with such sensitive issues about the family, gender violence and others in which the PAN has taken positions very contrary to the majority group, among these equal marriage and abortion, for example.

Firms. As much as the journalists wanted yesterday that Governor Quirino Ordaz said that if the National Political Council does not approve his request to leave as Mexico’s ambassador to Spain, he will leave the ranks of the party that led him to the governorship of Sinaloa, he only said that now He did the corresponding procedure and he, in a personal capacity, already said yes to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. He even said that those who are very good at putting three feet to the cat, can say what they please, because after all the invitation was personal and this position is for their good performance and their good relationship with AMLO. As the words of Alejandro Moreno, national president of the PRI, that the appointment would imply the loss of membership in accordance with the statutes of the tricolor party, do not concern him for now.

They want the same treatment. In Escuinapa, the community members of the Santa María community maintain a fierce struggle for fair compensation and new homes where they can continue their lives once the dam that is built drowns their community. Their protests have delayed the project for several months, but they are determined to stand firm in their demands and demand decent houses. It is not for less, the inhabitants of Santa María have seen how the community members displaced by the Picachos dam, in Mazatlán, the houses delivered by the State Government have come down on them due to the lack of quality. During his recent visit to Santa María, the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, pledged his word and assured the community members that their demands will be met. It remains to be seen how the next governor, Rubén Rocha Moya, responds to this.

Sad start. For some fishermen in the El Huitussi area, in Guasave, the start of the shrimp catch was not at all flattering, because, due to the low tide that occurred, one of the first pangas that came out only brought 15 fish, while the second arrived with 12 kilos. The riparians are seriously thinking about self-cultivation for a few days, while the low tide passes, because it is not convenient for them to go to sea for so little product, when they invest like 10 thousand pesos per panga each day, so they will wait to see how he treats them today the time for, at once, to define if they continue working with the certainty that there will be good catches, or, better, they stop so as not to continue throwing the money away.

The farewell. In what was possibly the last session of the Tourism Commission of the State Congress, headed by deputy Gloria Himelda Félix Niebla, the congratulations and thanks were not long in coming from the members of the same, the deputy Flor Emilia Guerra Mena and the deputies Pedro Villegas Lobo and José Manuel “Chenel” Valenzuela, who was very relaxed during the meeting and at the end congratulated the deputy from Mocorite for the work done by being, as he himself said, a “chucha cuerera ”In his role at the head of the Commission.

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