There are shooters at the party leaderships. The renewal processes in the state leadership of the PAN and the Citizen Movement have not yet begun, but there are already several shooters to occupy state titles. In the case of the blue and white, local deputy Roxana Rubio Valdez is mentioned with strong insistence, who they say does not dislike the idea, so they already give it almost as a fact that will be noted on the list, it is even stated that he will have the endorsement of several former mayors. We must not forget that also Nelba Osorio Porras, former candidate for local deputy, said a month ago that she is also interested. In Movimiento Ciudadano they anticipate an interesting dispute over the leadership, because although there they take for granted that the Mazatlan expatriate Martín Heredia will seek to relieve Christian Palacios, they recommend not losing sight of Sergio Torres Félix, former candidate for governor and former PRI, nor Roberto “El Güero” Cruz, who have not publicly said they are interested, but will be two influential characters in the process and will undoubtedly try to accommodate or move their chips.

Of color and colors. The one who doesn’t beat around the bush to say they don’t want face-to-face classes is the leader of section 53 of the SNTE, Fernando Sandoval. Now that the Secretary of Health, Alfredo Encinas, has talked about the possibility of changing the traffic light, he is asking for vaccines for infants and second doses for teachers, but even more: he says that the traffic light be real green, not watermelon green. They say that they play Uncle Lolo with what they detect cases as if it were in red, but the authorities say that it is in green. The state official when it does not rain it drizzles with the covid issue.

Sudden discretion. The mayor of Mazatlán, the morenista Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, has always boasted of his closeness to the president of the republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and the trust he has in him. However, this time he has preferred to be reserved and not talk about the requests he made to the president on his recent visit to Mazatlán. Before the media, as it is popularly said, “he did it out of emotion” and only mentioned that López Obrador had commissioned him a topic that interests him a lot, but about which it is not yet time to talk. What the controversial Chemist did assure and underline is that AMLO is happy with the government work that is being done in Mazatlán. It should be mentioned that Benítez Torres was not seen during AMLO’s visit to the Picachos dam in Mazatlán.

They change strategy. Due to the fact that the exchange of uniforms and school supplies has already been running throughout the state for four weeks, and it has shown a slow behavior in most municipalities, as of yesterday a test would be done working with the surnames from A to the Z, to see if the process becomes more fluid, the fifth week is about to start and this does not take off, despite the fact that they are free. The Ministry of Economy intends that between now and October 1 it will work in this way, as it seems that due to the issues of the pandemic, as well as the fact that the majority of basic education students continue to work from their homes, it has been a factor for them to snub the exchange of uniforms and school supplies, so now they will all be summoned at the same time, to see if they attend, although the possibility of agglomerations forming could be a factor against them. and things do not go as intended.

Clarifying dawn. In a subtle way and without asking the Secretary of Public Education and Culture, Juan Alfonso Mejía López, he clarified that Sinaloa was not decisive in the decision to return to face-to-face classes, but rather a gradual procedure was carried out, a situation that was discussed with the principals of the schools, but that he was insistent that it will remain reflected, he even clarified it in his messages given at public events. No one knows why his insistence on clarifying, but he reiterated in his message that in Sinaloa a different return to classes was handled and that the return to the classrooms will remain gradual and the care of students and teachers prevails.

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