They work to promote the Magical Towns of Mexico on a digital platform

Mexico.- Promote the Magic towns of Mexico, and his cultural, gastronomic and historical wealththrough a Digital platform, is the objective of a project headed by Eduardo Paniagua Morales, President of the National Mexican Association of Travel Agencies (AMAV). During his visit to the magical town, he gave some details of the plan with which they intend to promote tourism throughout the country, emphasizing the Magical Towns.

He pointed out that this is a page where each Magical Town will be able to sell its gastronomic products as lodging, gastronomy, crafts and others.

“We are going to have a space on this platform so that artisans can directly promote their products and sell themselves worldwide,” he commented.

In the same way, he commented, they have the objective of providing training to all the tourist hosts of each municipality, in which the directors of Tourism will also be included, in search of having the necessary tools to make the travelers who visit each place fall in love. .

He highlighted that despite the fact that Mocorito acquired the title of magical town just a few years ago, it has great potential to conquer travelers, since it has a lot of culture, history, nature and countless other attractions.

“Despite being a young magical town, it has great potential, for example the museum to Los Tigres del Norte, this is going to draw worldwide attention because they are a well-known group, they are an example of many of us,” he said.

They work to promote the Magical Towns of Mexico on a digital platform | Photo: Matías Rodríguez/ Debate

He pointed out that the rapprochement that exists between the Mochis and Mocorito will be of great support so that both municipalities have a good level of tourism, and the intention that tourists feel attracted to each one of them, as a tourist route. And at this point he added that they are working on the “Return to Sinaloa in 8 Days” plan, a tourist product that seeks to connect not only the Magical Towns, but Colonial and Stately Towns.

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He commented that as soon as his visit to the 132 Magical Towns of the country is over, the digital platform project will be carried out, and that is when more details of it will be reported.

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