They will relocate the statue of Columbus in the Parque América, in Polanco, confirmed Seduvi

After taking care of Paseo de la Reforma during 143 years, The statue of Christopher Columbus It will be transferred to Parque América, in the Polanco neighborhood, city hall Miguel Hidalgo.

As reported by the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (Seduvi), the decision was made by the Committee of Monuments and Artistic Works in Public Spaces of Mexico City (Comaep) during its IX Extraordinary Session, and after evaluating around 20 places from the CDMX where it could be relocated.

While said park located on Horacio Avenue, as they affirmed, is a space that dignifies the artistic value of the work, cataloged as a historical monument since 1956 by the president Adolfo Ruiz Cortínez.

Likewise, they highlighted that in the place there will be no effects on the environment due to the removal of trees, the land due to its weight, or the urban layout, being this the ideal place for its conservation and preservation also due to the low rates of vandalization in the mayor’s office.

While the decision of the Comaep, made up of elements of the Federal and capital governments, as well as citizens and historians, is added the approval of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), who will be in charge of raising the base and placing it with the figure, who concluded that the sculpture will be placed in the east side from the park.

The announcement of the Comaep, through the Seduvi, comes a day after the head of government Claudia Sheinbaum announced that the committee will be in charge of deciding which sculpture will replace that of Columbus in Reformation.

In turn, after passing the commission to the committee of experts, as dictated by the capital’s regulation, he reiterated that, whatever the Comaep chooses, it will be an indigenous woman, as promised to the indigenous promoters who gave him the 5 thousand signatures with which they ask for the withdrawal of Colón from Paseo de la Reforma, an event during which he made the announcement.

While, after the message of Sheinbaum Pardo, the Ministry of Culture of the capital pointed out that the installation of the sculpture is not ruled out “Tlali”By Pedro Reyes, which represents the head of an Olmec woman, to which he adds that, although it has not been canceled, it will have to be selected by the Comaep.

About the statue of Columbus

In its statement, the Seduvi highlighted that the statue of Christopher Columbus, beyond being the representation of the Italian character, is in its history, which dates back to 1877, when it was created by Charles Cordier and installed in its roundabout in Paseo de la Reforma.

Likewise, before reaching Mexico through Veracruz, it was exhibited at the Palacio de la Industria in Paris, France, where it was made with stone imported from Russia, to spend two years stored in the Buenavista train station, and then move on to Reforma, amid speculation about the reason why the place and be named a historical monument in 1956.

While the Seduvi stressed that in 1989 The questions began for the tribute to Columbus, to later register a march of native peoples in 1990, with the beginning of the burning of floral offerings, which led to more protests in 1991 to have to put mud walls in 1993.

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While it was up 2020 when the capital’s administration had to withdraw it to intervene due to its condition, in addition to the threats to destroy it by the “We are going to tear it down” collective.


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