They want permits to fish! Group of fishermen take over Sagarpa offices in Escuinapa, Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- The conflicts that are experienced within the Tata Lázaro Cárdenas cooperative in Escuinapa, Sinaloa, have worsened for three years and with the beginning of the shrimp catches, one of the groups in conflict was again left without the opportunity to go fishing, since the fishing authorities only granted permits to one of those involved.

The group of fishermen dissatisfied they positioned themselves outside the offices of Sagarpa, to express their annoyance and demand that the competent authorities solve this conflict that has been going on for three years within this cooperative.

José Ismael Osuna Tiznado, leader of this group of fishermen commented that within the Tata Lázaro Cárdenas cooperative there is an internal conflict that led to divide them into two groups.

“We have gone to Conapesca and they have not given us a solution to work the shrimp, that is why today we have taken over the Sagarpa offices. We have fought for three years in the trial, a lot of money has been spent on trips to Mazatlán and it turns out that they are given permits (another group) and we are not and there is a legal process that until they are resolved and we cannot to work. But Conapesca washes its hands telling us that they submitted documentation “

Osuna Tiznado called on the authority to give attention to this problem, since these conflicts could become more acute and end with fatal results, with some confrontation or the death of the members of this cooperative.

“We do not want violence that is why we are taking over the Sagarpa offices, so that the Conapesca authorities can give us a solution to this problem by granting them permission to allow us to work,” he said.

Conapesca granted permits because they had the documentation in order

Juan Manuel Salas Barrón, president of the Tata Lázaro Cárdenas Cooperative commented that the fishing authorities granted them the corresponding permits to extract shrimp in the Esquinapenses estuaries, because their documentation was in order.

“The problem as to why Conapesca did not grant them a permit was because they are dissidents, they never heeded the administration’s mandate and they always wanted to be managers. There is a trial and the judge has not ruled on anything yet, when we went to Conapesca for the permit two years ago, the Legal Director decided to give us the permit because we presented and had the documentation in order, ”explained Salas Barrón.

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The Cooperativa Tata Lázaro Cárdenas is made up of 87 members, the dissident group is approximately 22 to 25 members and the rest are with Juan Manuel Salas who has the corresponding permits to extract shrimp from the Esquinapense estuaries.

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