They shoot at a man who attacked a policeman with a machete in Hidalgo

Hidalgo.-During a persecution, a policeman from the municipality of Huejutla de Reyes, Hidalgo, opened fire on a man, after he allegedly attacked another municipal agent with a machete.

The chase took place after an argument between two people, in which the driver of a private vehicle allegedly had hit a motorcyclist when he was driving in the Cantores colony.

After the police elements were notified of the attack, they arrived at the scene and the man proceeded to flee, which caused an operation to be deployed in the area until the elements managed to reach the individual and blocked his way in the central boulevard.

According to witness statements, the alleged criminal took out a machete out of nowhere and attacked the uniformed men, which caused an uproar in the place; moments later, one of the policemen drew his gun and shot the subject.

Given this, emergency bodies arrived at the location to provide care for the injured and take them to the hospital. However, minutes later it was confirmed that the man had lost his life.

Regarding the events that occurred this afternoon, Wednesday, September 15, the Secretary of Public Security of the state of Hidalgo revealed that, when trying to take the machete from the person who had allegedly run over a motorcyclist, he attacked the police, so they “acted according to established protocols“.

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The case was taken by the Public ministryTherefore, said entity will have to carry out the corresponding investigations.

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