They shoot a woman in her car in the streets of San Baltazar Campeche, in Puebla

Puebla.- In the early morning of this Wednesday, September 15, a woman was shot to death inside your vehicle on Ejido and Guadalupe Victoria streets, in San Baltazar Campeche, Puebla.

It was the residents of the place who called the 911 emergency number to report the at least four firearm detonations.

Minutes later municipal police arrived at the scene and when they looked inside a blue Chevy with TYG1643 plates there was a woman injured.

So they requested the presence of an ambulance because apparently the woman She was still alive, upon arrival the SUMA paramedics reviewed her and confirmed the death of the approximately 50-year-old female.

The victim had a bullet in the forehead, it is presumed that her perpetrators had already been chasing her blocks before.

By confirming the death of the woman Personnel from the Puebla State Prosecutor’s Office went to the site to carry out the legal proceedings.

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According to police data, the alleged gunmen were traveling aboard a red Jetta car, which they escaped.


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