They report suspension of rescue work in Cerro del Chiquihuite due to risk of collapse

Due to a new breakdown in the Cerro del Chiquihuite, the authorities suspended the search and rescue efforts of the three people that are still missing after yesterday’s collapse.

That is why it will be until this Sunday when resume the work, according to information from ADN 40, since the lack of light also makes access and searching in the area difficult.

However, according to Milenio, which quoted the general coordinator of the Mexican Civil Protection, Ricardo de la Cruz Musalem, the work will be reactivated until the engineers of the different institutions conclude the studies they carry out in the collapsed area.

This, after in addition to the new collapse, cracks, which would put rescuers at risk, as it increases the possibility of new landslides of earth and rocks.

While during the afternoon the authorities they reduced the number of rescuers in the area, in order to reduce risks and give greater stability to the terrain, after the collapse that occurred today, and yesterday they arrived around 560 rescuers of the different levels of government and institutions.

Therefore, now they only allow access to the area to cells of 8 people, and it is that they also found a rock of more than 200 tons, which, not being propped yet, could move with the vibration of the rescuers and the machinery that is being used.

While several demarcations of the State of Mexico have a forecast of rain for the next few hours, which further hastens the suspension of work.

They don’t want to go

On the other hand, 27 families refuse to leave their homes in the Colonia Lázaro Cárdenas Third Section, despite being close to the area where the Cerro del Chiquihuite collapsed, according to the Civil Protection of Tlalnepantla.

This, after the City Council implemented a door-to-door information operation on the risks of remaining in the place, with a view to evict the entire colony, given the possibility of another collapse similar to that of Friday.

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Added to this is the fact that the presence of civilians hinders the movement of rescue bodies, in addition to increasing the risk civilian casualties in the event of a new breakdown, as they affirmed that the area is humid due to the rains in recent days.

This is how the search and rescue work at Cerro del Chiquihuite looks like


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