They remember fishermen killed by hurricane Ismael in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- In order to honor the memory of the fishermen who fell in Sinaloa during the Hurricane Ismael, this Tuesday morning a wreath to the sea.

Carlos Sotelo Monge, recalled the tragic moment of September 14, 1995, which hit the Pacific Ocean with great force, generating many effects, including the death of about 200 fishermen who went in more than 30 boats from Mazatlán, Topolobampo and Guaymas.

“The truth is that it did mark a before and after, we know that nature is unpredictable but what I can say is that it was (Hurricane Ismael) a monster that surprised everyone, the authorities, us and not because there It was a casual situation if not because it was a monster ”, said the president of the Union of Fishing Cooperatives of Topolobampo.

In that sense, he said, it was a phenomenon that even if they had been prepared, its magnitude would not have allowed them to get to safety, since he specified that some of the boats were in the Altata area, it was impossible for them to take shelter since they only reached Topolobampo They take about 12 hours, which was impossible for them to achieve due to the speed that this natural phenomenon took.

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“It surprised us because it was something unpredictable, it was something that turned into an extraordinary situation, first it was tropical storm Ismael at three in the morning but at four it was already a hurricane, its speed was what meant everything. It reached more than 30 km per hour and a boat runs between 8 to 10 miles, from Altata to Topolobampo it takes 12 hours more or less to come to take refuge but it was impossible for them to reach it ”, he emphasized.

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