They reinforce actions against dengue in colonies affected by Nora in Mazatlán

Sinaloa.- Before the threat of a dengue outbreak because of the rains, actions se han intensified and priority is given to damaged colonies in Mazatlan for the storm Nora, highlighted the head of Health Jurisdiction 5, Andrés Sidhartha Hindú Pérez.

The director of Health Promotion and Prevention in Sinaloa, Cristian Aldo Muñoz Madrid stressed that so far this year there have been 400 suspected cases of dengue, but only 54 are confirmed.

Of this number that the Ministry of Health has registered in the entity, eight are from Mazatlán; in the municipality of Escuinapa, two, and one more in Elota.

They follow alerts

The official was in Mazatlán to preside over a meeting on vector-borne diseases, including dengue, Zika and chikungunya.

He added that since November last year, the fight against the vector intensified with the application of slaughter, elimination of breeding sites and with the ovitraps they detect risk areas and carry out discard days.

The field work has allowed that now, after Hurricane Nora, despite the threat of a dengue outbreak, so far no new cases of the disease have been registered. “But we are alert to 21 days after the storm, which is when there is still the risk of an outbreak,” added the official.


The head of Sanitary Jurisdiction 5, Andrés Sidhartha Hindú Pérez, explained that in these weeks they are working on larval control and fogging in the municipality, but with greater emphasis on colonies more affected by rainfall.

They work in Hogar del Pescador, Lomas de Mazatlán, Tierra y Libertad, Centro and Benito Juárez. Also, in the Pueblo Nuevo, Jacarandas and Venadillo canals.


Officials Muñoz and Hindú assure that in the face of complaints from citizens about the proliferation of mosquitoes, they said that they belong to the genus culex, which are annoying but do not transmit dengue. Aedes aegypti is the vector that transmits dengue and against it is the daily fight.

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The Data


Vectors and Zoonosis personnel travel from house to house to guide the population about the risks of dengue, apply abate and eliminate breeding sites. Likewise, they are invited to participate tomorrow in the discarding day in the 12 de Mayo neighborhood.

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