They ran out! With trascabos, they cut clandestine water intakes in Altata, Navolato

Sinaloa.- The Navolato Potable Water and Sewerage Board (Japan) short with trascabos the clandestine water intakes, said Fidel Rodríguez, manager of this paramunicipal. In some homes of the port of Altata, one shot up to five addresses are connected, and it has been constantly denounced.

Neighbors of this port are lacking drinking water service because the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) removed the blades from the treatment plant for non-payment.

In order to supply themselves, some people go to fill bules of water in the treatment plant where there is a jet and a great quantity of the vital liquid is wasted. Housework is carried out with this water, but there are those who are concerned because it is untreated water.

“The fact that we are consuming water that is not drinkable can cause a disease, and the authorities are not going to be held responsible,” commented a neighbor of the place.

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In recent days, the inhabitants were told that they would only be 15 days without the vital liquid, but so far they have not been notified until when they will restore the service, although, according to municipality authorities, there are many users in Japan who continue without paying, so they do not have the resources to pay the CFE.

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