They put down FIRE in a ramada in Cubiri de Portelas, Sinaloa municipality

Sinaloa.- Reduced to ashes there was one ramada where the traditional dances in honor of the Virgin of Santa Rita are performed in the community of Cubiri de Portelas, belonging to the Sinaloa municipality.

The report was made direct to fire Department, who were notified that the flames were consuming a ramada, this past noon today, so they immediately moved to the place, and after an intense day, they managed to suffocate the flames, reporting the total destruction of said roof made with natural materials.

Neighbors of the place mentioned that the incident could possibly have been caused by rockets that were fired, but this version was not confirmed by local authorities.

Inhabitants regretted what happened, pointing out that this space has been maintained and created thanks to the residents themselves, who, driven by their faith in the Virgin, organized themselves to carry out the traditional festival and now they will have to start over.

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Firefighters ask for prudence and avoid the manipulation of pyrotechnics, especially in minors, who do not measure the consequences.

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