They present at the CIE the book “Los Mochis Ayer y Hoy”

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- The historian Sergio Andrés González Andrade presented this Tuesday volumes IV and VII of his book Los Mochis Yesterday and Today, Nuestro Mochis, 1940s, in the CIE Dialogue Room, within the framework of the México en la Piel program.

“I write to make known what the people of Los Mochis suffered and worked to achieve what they now have, and so that they know what this was like and how it has changed as a result of the will of its people,” said the author, then to make known that he is preparing other books about anecdotes, sayings, details that describe the entire municipality of Ahome, its characters and municipal presidents.

Both volumes were commented on by the historians Pedro Cázarez Aboytes and Arturo Noriega Ibarra, in front of dozens of people who gathered in the enclosure with all the sanitary measures.


Arturo Noriega Ibarra, president of the Commission of History and Culture of Los Mochis, AC, commented on volume IV of the book in which the metamorphosis that the city has suffered since the 1940s is narrated, which begins with the names of the streets and houses and shops, schools, printers.

The author was born in the center of the city and has been concerned with rescuing his history in his series of 4 books and 14 conferences, in addition to his valuable collection of photographs and significant documents.

“The author takes us by the hand through photographs and his account of each graphic that reminds us of the yesterdays of the city and brings us memories of lived stages and some nostalgia.”

Historian Pedro Cázarez Aboytes addressed volume VII of this Los Mochis Ayer y Hoy collection, which was easy for him to read, he said.

In particular, he highlighted the Los Bomberos chapter and its interaction with northern Sinaloa, 6 municipalities and two states; the city’s brotherhood relationship with Bellflower, and that it must be recovered, and that it is the best-accomplished job.

There are other passages that attracted his attention, which is the orality part. The volume fulfills the double function of the diffusion and the important documentary part. Highlights characters like Bernardo Losse, the second stream of Germans in Sinaloa.

Key figures in agriculture enthroned on the sugar industry, the export importance of legumes and vegetables such as tomatoes. The regional economic history that takes place in 20 family businesses.

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The author

Sergio Andrés González Andrade was born in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, on October 2, 1945. He graduated as a civil engineer from UAG in 1968 with a master’s degree in Valuation and Urban Development. Founding member of Comhiscu, of the College of Civil Engineers. His passion for the history of the city’s real estate has led him to write a series of books.

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