They march along the Mazatlán boardwalk to demand that they find two missing persons

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Dozens of people marched along Avenida Del Mar, the Mazatlán boardwalk, this Wednesday afternoon, to demand that the authorities find the young nursing student Jesús Guzmán Medina, 22 years old, and Francisco Osuna Ruiz, 58 years old.

Both went deprived of their liberty by unknown persons, on the night of Wednesday, August 3by Las Américas avenue, in the Esperanza neighborhood, zone both were painting a house and were preparing to have dinner.

The March

Since before 5:00 p.m., dozens of people, relatives, friends, including children, and students from the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente were already gathering, this next to the UAdeO (where Jesús studies).

Shortly before 5:30 p.m., they began the march along the north-south lane of Del Mar Avenue, with tarps and banners.

“We request help, we want an answer”, “In Mazatlan people disappear and the authorities do nothing”, read some of the banners.

The march headed towards the offices of the State Attorney General’s Office in the Tellerías subdivision.

family speak

Luis Omar Guzmán, father of Jesús, commented that it was a peaceful march “In order to get answers, from my son, to see if it reaches their hearts, and they can release him, calmly, we don’t want quarrels with anyone, or problems, we just want them to hand him over to us.”

confirmed that those who took their son called them asking for money and telling them not to hold a march planned for Monday. They deposited an amount of money in a bank, but they did not give the boy to them.

“They agreed to deliver it, that’s why we stopped the march, we didn’t see a response from them, that’s why we started this march again,” added Luis Omar.

For his part, José Luis Osuna Ruiz said that the other “raised” was his brother, Francisco Osuna Ruiz, 58, who does masonry, painting and similar work.

“I pray to God that he is alive, that is what the family longs for,” he added, “I demand that cooperation as a citizen, more than he is my brother, I want the support of the authorities.”

The mother of young Jesus explained that her son and Francisco Osuna were painting a house on the night of August 3, and wanted to find dinner. At that moment they disappeared. It was about 10:30 p.m. They have already filed the corresponding complaints with the State Attorney General’s Office.

They arrive at FGE offices

The around 100 people arrived on foot at the offices of the Regional Investigation Inspection in the southern region, and the Public Ministry agency specializing in the forced disappearance of persons in the southern region.

“Where do you have my brother!”, “Jesus, your family is waiting for you at home!”, “Justice, justice!” people shouted.

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Outside the FGE offices, protesters publicly demanded that the authorities do something to find the two missing persons in this case. They also posted cardboard outside the offices.

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