They hold the first working meeting of hospital teams for the transition of health services in Sinaloa

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- As part of the work already undertaken for the implementation of the IMSS-BIENESTAR program in 16 hospitals of the Ministry of Health of the state of Sinaloathe first meeting was held between the transition teams made up of program personnel and the members of the governing bodies of said hospitals.

The meeting was held at the “Óscar Liera” Theater of the Mexican Institute of Social Security in the capital of Sinaloa, where the workers of the Ministry of Health had a first approach to the Comprehensive Health Care Model of the IMSS-BIENESTAR Program.

The meeting between the work teams was headed by Mr. Gustavo Zavala Guerrero, liaison in Sinaloa of the General Directorate of the IMSS; Dr. Cuitláhuac González Galindo, head of the Ministry of Health in Sinaloa; and Dr. Tania Clarissa Medina López, head of the IMSS in the entity.

During his speech, Mr. Gustavo Zavala emphasized that this transition will not disrupt the labor rights of the workers of the Ministry of Health, but on the contrary, it is intended to improve the conditions of workers who have temporary contracts, giving them job certainty. .

“The issue of workers is fundamental, it is the most important, their tranquility and certainty, so that all health service workers have job and legal security in their work,” he said.

In this transition of health services in Sinaloa, deepened the link of the General Directorate of the IMSS, it is carried out under two premises: not to fire any worker and not to violate any of the labor rights of the staff, in addition to hiring more doctors , nurses and paramedics, to cover the personnel gaps that the diagnosis raised in the month of February revealed.

In his speech, the Secretary of Health in Sinaloa mentioned that what is sought is to improve the network of hospitals in the state with the transfer of five General Hospitals and 11 Comprehensive Community Hospitals, all with the aim of providing a better attention to the Sinaloan population.

“One of the greatest demands of the state hospital network is the operation in operating rooms and with the transition of services we will be able to perform more surgeries, emergency interventions and care for patients who could have an acute metabolic problem. By having these units closer to the people, we will also be able to guarantee higher quality care,” said Dr. González Galindo.

The head of the Health Services in Sinaloa also mentioned the improvements that will be made in terms of infrastructure and equipment of the hospital units that will pass to the IMSS-BIENESTAR Program, since part of the implementation of this model is that the workers have facilities according to the needs of the population.

For her part, the head of the IMSS in Sinaloa, Dr. Tania Clarissa Medina López, highlighted that the IMSS-BIENESTAR Program is over 43 years old and as a model of comprehensive health care it is one of the noblest, since within its lines and Work strategies include a latent link with the community, which makes the user population support this program and its staff.

Likewise, he thanked the members of the governing bodies of the 16 hospitals that will be transferred to the federation in Sinaloa for their willingness and called on the workers of the Ministry of Health and the IMSS-BIENESTAR Program to work together to improve the quality of medical services in the state for the benefit of users.

“The call is to work hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder to achieve a transition of services in an agile and effective manner, because all this, this vision, is with the goal of improving the provision of health care for Sinaloans.” with the highest quality possible, since it is what they deserve and it is what we all deserve when we require medical services”, he commented.

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Finally, the teams were urged to work in the hospital units in all areas concerning the transfer of services, which will be visited starting this Thursday, August 4.

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