“They have not received a single peso,” Ambulante responds to accusations against Gael García and Diego Luna

Mexico.- The association “Outpatient“he flatly denied that Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna have been directly benefited with public resources from the government of Mexico, as it ensured that the amounts it receives are used for the operation of the documentary festival.

The foregoing in response to the investigation that was published yesterday, Monday, September 13, on the portal “Regeneration“on the investigation carried out by the journalist Ricardo Sevilla, who reports that” Ambulante “received, during the six-year terms of the former presidents Felipe Calderón Hinojosa and Enrique Peña Nieto, about 160 million under the concept of “donations”.

Through a statement disseminated on its social networks, the civil organization founded by García Bernal y Luna assured that all the amounts they use are obtained “with full compliance with the requirements established in the calls issued by government or private institutions, which are widely known to the public. “

Ambulante denies accusations against Gael García and Diego Luna / Source: Twitter @Ambulante

In the text, it indicates that the supports “They are the product of a collection effort that has been successful thanks to public trust in Ambulante“, as well as the” wide and well-known impact of our initiatives, and the full and transparent management of funds. “

Likewise, the association recalled that, as revealed by the investigation published in “Regeneración”, the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has also provided resources for a sum of 10 million pesos for the past two years.

“All the funds that Ambulante collects are for the exclusive use of its operations and its corporate purpose. Gael García and Diego Luna have not received a single peso, or salaries, or compensation, as wrongly and without evidence has been disseminated in some media“indicates the text.

Ambulante took advantage of the publication to explain how it manages and regulates access to public funds, revealing that, year after year, it undergoes audits carried out by the specialized firm Deloitte, as well as the Secretary of Culture, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) and the IMCINE.

In addition to this, it explained that its operation as an authorized grantee is regulated by title III of the LISR, the General Law of Transparency and Access to Information and the Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin.

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In addition, Ambulante shared some of its projects that it has promoted since its creation in 2005 through which it has supported projects by filmmakers belonging to minority groups or, also, has raised funds to help regions affected by natural disasters in Mexico.

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